Upon Further Examination: Gorgui Dieng

I played the 3rd year pro out of Louisville, Gorgui Dieng, the starting power forward for Minnesota Timberwolves, twice last week and he under performed both times. Is this an anomaly, or more a case this being who Dieng is? Of course, the Wolves have Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. They are the guys who […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 16, 2017

Courtesy of Nicole Angemi

Yesterday I won my fantasy contest, making this 2 in a row in the NBA. I felt good about my match-up and figured I’d need 300 points to cash out. It turned out I needed that and then some. But I got it so let’s talk about it. Where I went right I picked up […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 15, 2017

Courtesy of Nicole Angemi

Last night was a good evening. I cashed out in my contest, notching a super 290 points. This was my highest point total, and I expect more of the same as the season wears on. As always there were the usual suspects, guys you expect to do well who performed as expected. Chris Paul was […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 14, 2017

Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 14, 2017 So I am looking at last night’s daily fantasy results, and some things jumped out at me. I had a solid effort, notching 244 points. But far short of the 300 I think you need to be competitive night in and night out. Where did I go right? I […]

The Day After NBA Fantasy Autopsy

Courtesy of Nicole Angemi

In doing the fantasy autopsy, I like to go over where I went right and wrong in my previous night’s picks. It’s also important to see what could have been done better but also understand what is out of your control. Where I went right Kyle O’Quinn continues to outperform his salary. He came in […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Value Plays for January 12, 2017

Rajon Rondo Rondo’s career started with great promise, only to devolve into a series of rocky divorces in Boston, Sacramento, and Dallas. Now on his 4th team in 4 years, Rondo has again had issues with his coach, this time Fred Hoiberg benched him for five games. Rondo came back and had a high 12 […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Value Plays January 11, 2017

Ride with Otto Porter on your Daily Fantasy Quest

Otto Porter Porter is a daily fantasy player’s dream, a consistent all-around player, fills up the stat sheet and is relatively inexpensive. Porter should be in your arsenal. Porter scored 11 points, grabbed two boards, two assists, two steals and a block. This type of game is what Porter gives you. He is an up […]

Thursday Night Ballin’

So after Ray Lewis confirmed that Thursday Night Football is unpopular with players, the league will continue to do it because the fan likes it. And that is all that matters. Tonight’s game looked great in the offseason when the schedule came out; now it looks like a preseason game. The Texans are 3rd in […]

Sunday Sleepers

Fantasy Take-Aways – Week 1 It can be difficult to predict who will do what on the first week of the NFL season. Some guys that are reliable like Antonio Brown, who went off on Monday night, there are the guys who used to be reliable but now you wonder if they are done like […]