Upon Further Examination: Gorgui Dieng

I played the 3rd year pro out of Louisville, Gorgui Dieng, the starting power forward for Minnesota Timberwolves, twice last week and he under performed both times. Is this an anomaly, or more a case this being who Dieng is?

Of course, the Wolves have Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. They are the guys who do the heavy lifting for the team. Dieng is not expected to carry the team offensively. He is primarily a defender and rebounder. The problem is that based on the numbers, he isn’t doing a splendid job of that either. The below stat sheet bares this out. These are the numbers for the season up to now.

Further examination of Gorgui Dieng

As you can see, the yellow line represents the log of Dieng’s point output to this juncture of the season. Dieng has had a couple of 20 point games, but his average production is between 10-15 points a game. Again, this is to be expected. When you look at his rebound trend (the blue line), you can see it is trending down. He has consistent trouble getting to 10 boards a game, despite playing 33 minutes per contest. Since the 20th game of the season, Dieng has only pulled 10 or more rebounds twice. One obvious reason is that he is in foul trouble a lot. In the last 15 games, the 6’11” forward has gotten 5 or more fouls, five times. Throughout the game, he is prone to sit so that he doesn’t foul out.

The Daily Fantasy Verdict

I would probably stay away from Dieng for now. He is currently at $5,300 a night on Fanduel which isn’t bad, but you could probably do better depending on who is playing. If you have no other options, Dieng should give you 20 or so points. Stay tuned as we examine another player this week, the Lakers’ Lou Williams.


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