Fantasy Football Final Four

This weekend marks the final four weekends for many fantasy football leagues. I would be in it but had some bad injury luck. Devante Parker’s 2nd quarter concussion meant he only netted 2 points. If he scored his expected 10 points, I would have won. I do hope he is OK, however. Be that as […]

MLS plays for the week of March 30, 2019

As the young MLS season begins to take shape, here are some players to keep an eye on for daily fantasy plays. If there’s anything apart from goal scoring and ball-kicking that football has taught us about nearly every soccer player, it is that injuries are inevitable. As a matter of fact, kicking a curb […]

Premier League Plays for the week of March 30, 2019

Here is a list of soccer players to keep an eye on this week for your daily fantasy plays: Ever since the creation of the Premier League in 1992/93, there has been an emergence of star players, all having left their indelible marks in not just the wonderful competition, but as well in the history […]

NBA Daily Fantasy March 4, 2019

Trae Young has been on fire lately. He put 49 on the Bills last Friday night and was well on his way to matching or even topping that but received 2 technicals and was shown the door in the first half last night in his rematch against the Bulls. Young stared down the Bulls’ Kris […]

BSF Daily Fantasy Free Plays (March 2, 2017)

BSF March 2 Free Play

Thursday night is going to be a light night in the association with only three games. Usually I’m not crazy about doing daily fantasy with such a short slate. I know some of you are, however, so I went ahead and came up with a lineup that you can use in your quest for domination […]

Upon Further Examination: Gorgui Dieng

I played the 3rd year pro out of Louisville, Gorgui Dieng, the starting power forward for Minnesota Timberwolves, twice last week and he under performed both times. Is this an anomaly, or more a case this being who Dieng is? Of course, the Wolves have Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. They are the guys who […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 16, 2017

Courtesy of Nicole Angemi

Yesterday I won my fantasy contest, making this 2 in a row in the NBA. I felt good about my match-up and figured I’d need 300 points to cash out. It turned out I needed that and then some. But I got it so let’s talk about it. Where I went right I picked up […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 15, 2017

Courtesy of Nicole Angemi

Last night was a good evening. I cashed out in my contest, notching a super 290 points. This was my highest point total, and I expect more of the same as the season wears on. As always there were the usual suspects, guys you expect to do well who performed as expected. Chris Paul was […]

NBA Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 14, 2017

Daily Fantasy Autopsy January 14, 2017 So I am looking at last night’s daily fantasy results, and some things jumped out at me. I had a solid effort, notching 244 points. But far short of the 300 I think you need to be competitive night in and night out. Where did I go right? I […]

The Day After NBA Fantasy Autopsy

Courtesy of Nicole Angemi

In doing the fantasy autopsy, I like to go over where I went right and wrong in my previous night’s picks. It’s also important to see what could have been done better but also understand what is out of your control. Where I went right Kyle O’Quinn continues to outperform his salary. He came in […]