Courtesy of Nicole Angemi

Upon Further Examination – March 31, 2017

Ok, Let’s get to it!

Where did I go right

Jeremy Lin – I took a risk on Lin, though a solid performer, he is on one of the worst teams in the league. It’s easy to think that he has mailed it in. But he didn’t, putting up 25 for a $5900 salary.

Gorgui Dieng – Gorgui!. The Louisville product delivered for me in a big way. Giving me 43 big points against a salary of just $5200. He scored 15 points, grabbed 15 rebounds, with a surprising six assists and three blocks. My faith was rewarded.

Devin Booker – The secret is out with Booker. He dropped 33 points on a pretty good Clippers team and added nine assists. I ‘m going to go out on a limb and says the Suns have found their franchise player for the future.

Where I went wrong

CJ McCollum – It seems like Christian James McCollum has a beef with me. This is the second instance in which he let me down big time. With just 16.7 points against a $7200 salary against a Houston team that is not good defensively. McCollum didn’t shoot it well, only making 4-15 from the field. CJ, what’s up bro??

Onward and upward! If you can’t afford to gamble, don’t!

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